Man Basket

Man baskets, which are also called crane cages, construction baskets or forklift baskets are aerial work platforms that elevate a worker or workers to perform various overhead job site tasks. They are frequently used by safety inspectors, engineering firms, public works departments and similar organizations. Here are a few of the many ways in which man baskets are used:

• Maintaining, repairing and cleaning aircraft and other large pieces of machinery and equipment

• Indoor and outdoor construction activities

• Window washing and equipment cleaning

• Inspecting buildings, bridges and similar structures where close-up examinations are needed

3D Lift Plans

The first step in developing a lift plan involves having one of our dedicated sales team members either walk the job site or contact the customer to obtain necessary lift information. Next, one of our team members will input the weight and dimensions of the object to be lifted into our preferred software and factor in any obstructions, while taking job location into consideration.

The result is a detailed plan of the job site, depicting buildings, landscape, roads and any other objects critical to the lift. 3D Lift Plan then searches for the appropriate and economical crane. When the correct crane is chosen, it is correctly placed on the plan sketch.

Rigging / Machinery Moving

Moving heavy machinery is not a matter of just picking it up and transporting it to another location. It involves a process that protects both the machinery and everything (and everyone) around it. The process takes special equipment and knowledge.

At Elite Crane Rental Inc. we oversee all aspects involved with the transportation of heavy machinery and equipment and always ensure your property arrives safely and undamaged to the desired location.


In our capacity, we are often loading and unloading flat bed trailers and have established quality connections with many trucking terminals.  As a courtesy to our customers, we are happy to coordinate any transportation of your cargo on your behalf.

Road Closures

Here at Elite Crane Rental Inc. we work with multiple traffic management companies to organize and assist with traffic control plans and partial or complete road closures.

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