Choose Equipment Used To Compact Soil Carefully

Soil grains have air stored in between their pores that can be displaced or removed only by mechanical means. The fluffy soil has to be pressed and stressed upon till it becomes tight and air free.  Once the air is displaced the soil becomes dense and hard. Now, the ground is prepared and compacted enough to serve as a strong and sturdy foundation for pavements, roads, buildings and other constructions.

Hard soil will make sure that the building is made efficiently and structurally stable.  Loose soil can lead to weak and structurally unfit buildings. Soil compaction leads to greater strength and stability of any project foundation but it needs to go be commenced with the right equipment.  The choice of proper equipment for soil compaction will make the project cost efficient and work well-organized.


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  • Soil density can be bolstered by vibration, stack or fierce impact force with help of technologically advanced machines.

  1. Many machines apply only static force and compress the uppermost layer of the soil by heavy downward pressure leaving the other deeper soil layers destabilized.  This can cause leakages and cracks making weak structures.

  2. Vertical rotation is used to exert a downward force and the soil particles loose air to create a dense substrate.

  3. Impact rollers are best used on large areas of soil. Multi-sided and non-cylindrical rollers are used to compact soil with high energy.  The quick succession impacts compress the soil effectively.

Different compaction jobs demand different soil compactors. The size of the job, terrain and type of soil of the construction site is studied thoroughly before the soil compaction machines are decided on but generally rammers, vibratory plates and rollers are used.

  • Vibratory plates: 

    To compress and compact soil effectively sometimes high frequency vibratory plates are used. These rotating plates use peculiar weights to press and move the soil into a flat base.  The shallow soil layers of small areas are normally compacted with machines equipped with small vibratory plates. The forward and backward constant movement of the two eccentric weights ensures proper compaction. Semi-cohesive or granular soils can be smoothed with large vibratory plate soil compactors.

  • Rollers:

    Soil is compacted tight by large drums which may be smooth or padded.  The “walk-behind”, push or “ride on” rollers may also have rubber tires.  Read more about the different kinds of rollers for compaction purposes:

  1. Granular soils and can be compacted evenly with smooth-drum vibratory rollers.

  2. Cohesive soil found in rough terrain needs high compaction and this can be done easily done the help of padded rollers.

  3. Utility trenches in confinement can be compacted effectively with the help of Remote-controlled padded rollers.

  • Rammers:

    machines that are run by diesel or gasoline are driven into the soil to make it smooth are called Rammers. Areas with space constraints can be easily made smooth easily with high amplitude force Rammers. Just rent one and deal with the rough cohesive soils effectively.

The frequency and amplitude of the machine being used for maximum soil compaction has to be assessed and selected carefully.  The rate of rotation and vibration is calculated before any decision is taken.